Sunday, January 9, 2011


Days before New Year's Eve, I read someone in Twitter worrying about her dress for New Year's Eve, only, she called it NYE. (I figured it out after a while) I don't usually dress up for NYE but this year I decided to do things differently and wore... SHORTS! Because you see, I don't usually wear shorts in public.

cole vintage

I brought home these oxfords from Cole Vintage, I wore them immediately without having taking photos of 'em. This pair was suggested to me by Anna. I rarely receive MMS nowadays so I was surprised when I received one while wandering around Trinoma. Anna MMSed a pic of these oxfords she saw in High Street; fortunately, there's a Cole Vintage store in Trinoma!

I think the "old" flowery print of my shirt matches the vintage vibe of the oxfords. I first wore this shirt to a party with my law school friends and one immediately said, "Guy and Pip era!" Bleh.

I realize that I'm wearing too many colors in this outfit - but what the heck, it's NYE!

Shirt: Landmark
Shorts: Borrowed from sister
Cole Vintage oxfords
Forever21 bag


dhea osman said...

hey you can go here to search more oxfords!
I'm in love with oxford too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! They look even better worn, Glads! I like how the black part is doesn't take over half the front part of the shoe! And good choice, getting the black and white pair! Seeing you wear them, am tempted now to get a pair for myself. Ganda!

TwistedHalo said...

Thanks Dhea! Love the huge collection!

Anna, thanks for the tip! I've worn them a couple of times pa lang, baka masira yung outsole argh! :))