Friday, January 14, 2011


Whenever I'm having a sh*tty day, I look at my cute shoes and smile. Thus, I've taken to sometimes wearing my oxfords to work. However, it's either I walk too long or too hard, and I discovered that a couple of my oxfords are "injured", i.e. the soles are cracked. :( I hope I can still have them re-soled or something. :(

Just sharing.


Anonymous said...

Get taps from Mr Quickie. They can put a rubber sole at the bottom of your shoes. I heard they have the same thing done in Besas, but more expensive - I haven't tried.

One time I got Mr Quickie to completely change the sole of my favorite pair of flat sandals. Kaya nila!

TwistedHalo said...

Boo hoo, two of my oxfords pairs napuruhan! Sana nga mapalitan nila, will try this week. :)