Friday, March 18, 2011

Bianca and Karina

I was lusting after the Bianca lace-up in the Gold Dot site. I was waiting for some extra moolah before placing an order, but when I was ready to order, it was already sold out. Boo hoo.

Then I saw Ichigo's Karina, and I was in love all over again.

The tan version was sold out in my size so I got the cream ones. But I think they look almost white already.


I love the detail!


I think the color's perfect for summer!


* Edited with PicNik


Anna said...

Kindred spirit talaga kita!!! Same thing happened to me! When I was ready to order the tan Biancas, sold out na (and di ko type the other colors). Pero ayun nga, saw the Ichigos! Hurrah! Maganda the color you got - almost white. I want perforated oxfords too! Cutie -outfit post naman next, Glads!!!

TwistedHalo said...

Outfit post granted - though di ganun kaganda haha! So, did you buy your own Karinas? :)